Best AngularJS Features That Makes it the Best Web Developer Platform

Back in 2009 Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons teamed up together and developed AngularJS. This software is an open structural framework which is used for developing web applications. AngularJS uses HTML as the template language and this is what makes it perfect for creating single page websites. The best thing that AngularJS brings to the table is the fact that it doesn’t require too much coding and instead it uses the designated browser. Today we’re going to go over AngularJS’s most important features and see if it’s a good choice.

AngularJS: Community

Hands down, AngularJS has the largest developer community. This comes in quite handy since users will be able to get help from the community whenever they are faced with problems, or even employ other developer teams to help them out with their issues. We should also mention that AngularJS has a core development team that’s available at all times. Overall, this platform is being used by thousands of different developers.

AngularJS: Developing Applications

The platform is a JavaScript-based framework that excels in developing RIA (rich internet applications). The developers who are using AngularJS should be happy to know that they will receive help from it when they write client-end applications. Additionally, AngularJS uses Model View Controller pattern when it comes t developing applications.

AngularJS: Free To Use

There are many reasons that make AngularJS so popular among the developer community and one of them is that it’s completely free to use. The fact that it’s free is quite impressive since the platform is filled with features and optimization settings. Even better, AngularJS keeps on receiving updates. In fact, the latest available version of the platform is AngularJS 2.4.

AngularJS: Coding

As previously mentioned, the platform isn’t that focused on coding. The developers behind the platform have designed especially to use HTML as the main structure. Therefore, coding is quite easy and it doesn’t get that complicated. Additionally, AngularJS uses POJO (Plain old JavaScript Objects) as a simple data model. The best thing about POJO is that it allows developers to completely change it and loop objects thus making the coding process cleaner.

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