ReactJs vs. AngularJS – What’s The Difference?

The most popular library for developing user interfaces is certainly ReactJS. This library fits perfectly with AngularJS which is a web development framework. We should mention that the first version of AngularJS is significantly different from AngularJS 2.x. Today we’re going to pin the two web apps against each other and see what sets them apart.

AngularJS and ReactJS: A Web Framework Or Library

This development framework is renowned for being the perfect choice for all situations. What makes it so special is that it has been especially designed so that it’s able to offer out of the box solutions. As everyone knows, the majority of functional decisions are usually executed by the framework. This is why AngularJS is so popular. We should mention that this framework has a major flaw. It doesn’t feature a friendly user interface. Although it is equipped with a huge array of features and properties, they are quite hard to find.

Now let’s go over AngularJS’s key selling points. First off, AngularJS is perfect for finding solutions for different blocks at the time, unlike ReactJS which is centered on one block. Even better, users are allowed to choose what blocks they want to work on. This opens up the possibility to simultaneously  build different quick fixes, be it high performances or light weight.

AngularJS and ReactJS: Rendering Functionalities

This is where we will be able to see the biggest difference. ReactJS transfers HTML in to JavaScript and AngularJS does exactly the opposite of that. According to surveys, developers seem to like using ReactJS’s method. What’s interesting is that ReactJS and AngularJS use different binding tools. The difference is that ReactJS prefers a one way binding tool. On the other hand, AngularJS always uses two way building tool. As previously mentioned, developers then to like what ReactJS does. The reason behind this is that one way tools are significantly easier.

AngularJS and ReactJS: Usage

Google is the company that’s using AngularJS the most while ReactJS has been developed by Facebook and it can be found at the core of every Facebook develop software. Nonetheless, both of them are quite competent of completing every task. It’s just a matter of which fits the developer’s needs the most.

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