AngularJS vs. Angular 2 – Which One Is Better?

The most popular structural framework for building dynamic web apps right now is AngularJS, but Angular 2 is coming. The aforementioned software allows users to set HTML as their template language therefore extending HTML’s syntax. Now that Angular 2 is getting ready to be launched, many are wondering if they should switch to it from AngularJS. Today we’re going to look at what Angular 2 has to offer and see if moving to it is a wise choice.

Angular 2: Rendering

Everyone that has managed to build a single page application using AngularJS should be aware of the fact that Google and all other popular search browser engines are not too friendly with the software. The server-side rendering is being improved on Angular 2. The software will allow developers to run their own server and even simulate a browser and see the output they receive.

Angular 2: Loading Times

AngularJS is infamous for being quite slow when it comes to loading templates. Even worse, there isn’t any built-in component which is able of enhancing AngularJS’s loading support. On the other hand, Angular 2 is able to use webpack which is able of lazy loading views. This way, Angular 2 will not be required to download the components and required services.

Angular 2: External Modules

On the downside, because Angular 2 is still new there aren’t that many available external modules. Although Angular 2 is able of running Server-side rendering, Shadow DOM and Observable, it is still doesn’t feature the same level external modules as AngularJS does. Although we can be sure that this is going to change in the upcoming future.

Angular 2: Synergy with AngularJS

Fortunately, Angular 2 is able of using older AngularJS components. Readers should know that in order to be able to run AngularJS they will be required to create a hybrid app. Nonetheless, Angular 2 is getting ready to be officially launched and it will surely improve everyone’s productivity times. All that’s required is a bit of time to get used to it. In the end, it will be worth it since Angular 2 is significantly better than AngularJS.

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