Google Play Services Error on CM13, CM14 and Solutions

The best thing about Android powered devices is that Android is an open software thus meaning that developer teams such as CyanongenMod are able to create custom ROMs. Custom ROMs are used to flash the latest Android operating system updates on older devices using TWRP recovery, but this can be quite problematic at times.

One of the most common issues Android power users are faced with after installing custom ROMs is that Google Play Store starts malfunctioning and giving errors during the installation process. What’s really annoying is that this happens even though users might flash the correct GApps package. Luckily for us and other Android power users there is a way around the error.

An XDA forum user that goes under the name “hostagedead” managed to find the root of this error and created a quick fix. The reason why Google Play Services prompts up this error is because Google Webview is not installed or optimized, but this can be altered using the device’s “Developer” options which can be found in the Settings panel.

Google Play Services Bug

  • Start by installing once again CM 13, CM 14 or CM 14.1. Remember not to install the GApps package;
  • Once the ROM has been installed boot the smartphone without logging in;
  • Using the Settings menu enable “Developer Options”;
  • Browse over to Settings – Developer Options – WebView Implementation – Google WebView;
  • Set Google WebView under Developer Options and reboot the device one more time;
  • Now flash the correct GApps Package.

All that’s left now is to reboot the device and enjoy the full Nougat experience. Nonetheless, it’s great seeing that the XDA community is always trying to figure out ways to work around Android problems. Especially since every user on the XDA forum is ready to share his insight with others.

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