What happened to a Tesla Model 3 car after traveling 160,000 km

An owner of a Tesla Model 3 electric car that traveled over 160,000 km provided details on the car’s reliability, the repairs needed and how much the batteries had deteriorated.

This is a fairly new model from Tesla and there are few cars that have come to cover so many kilometers. The car, a Long Range version bought in 2018, belongs to Kazi Imam.

The man says that the maintenance of the car cost him, in the two years, 4,730 dollars, including electricity. “I was shocked by the low cost of maintenance and service for the car. The total cost of electricity was $ 2,985, “said Kazi Imam.

The owner of the car changed the tires once, being the biggest expense made with the vehicle, apart from loading. The man also changed the pollen filter, the wipers and did the geometry on the wheels.

The battery of this Tesla Model 3 car has deteriorated very little

There are also some minor repairs made by Tesla under warranty or volunteer, among which: a degraded on-board ornament was replaced, a headrest and a cheddar from the driver’s window.

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But by far the most important thing is that the car’s batteries seem to have worn out very little after so many kilometers. Kazi Imam stated that the car still reaches, with 100% batteries, a maximum range of 490 km. This means that the battery has lost only 5% of its capacity.

Overall, the owner of the Tesla Model 3 is impressed by the car, which he says is still being driven “like new”.

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